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Watership Down

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Watership Down : Characters

   Sandleford Warren    

  Threarah,The -   The Chief Rabbit of the Sandleford 
Warren.Although he had successfully led the warren for 
a number of years,he is unwilling to listen when Fiver 
foresees the destrustion of it.He chooses to do 
nothing ; the fact that causes his own death,as well as 
that of all the rabbits in the warren,save a few.

  Bigwig -   A member of the Sandleford Owsla,later head 
of the Watership Down Owsla.He is a big fellow,noted
for the tuft of fur on the top of his head,from which 
he took his name. Bigwig is up to anything he can see 
and do ; to him the worst thing is anything that 
is perplexing to him. He is also a very loyal type ; he 
has defended Hazel on several occasions,either physically
or verbally.

  Silver -   The Threarah's nephew.
A companion to Bigwig,Silver is a large,Owsla rabbit. 
Although he is not mentioned as being very dedicated 
to the cause,he leaves more for disatification 
with Sandleford,he proves himself as a valuable fighter 
later in the story.

  Holly -   The Captain of the 
Sandleford Owsla. He is one of the sole survivors of the 
destruction of Sandleford. Although he had originally tried 
to stop the small party of rabbits following Hazel & Fiver,
when he remeets them after the destruction of Sandleford he 
joins them as a faithful member of the group. He lead a 
small party to Efrafa on a diplomatic mission from Watership 

  Hazel -   The leader of the 
party that first left Sandleford. Hazel is a first-year 
rabbit.He is an "outskirter" and Fiver's brother. Hazel is 
not especially quick-thinking or eloquent,but is a more 
honest quality about him that appeals to the other rabbits.
He is very willing to take advice from his companions ; on
several occasions he has asked then openly for it. Although 
he sometimes feel is has to prove himself as a Chief Rabbit 
after he & his party reach the down.

  Fiver -   - Hazel's brother.
Fiver was the fifth in the litter and also the runt (They 
never mention any other siblings except Hazel).It was 
Fiver that predicted the destruction of Sandleford.He 
seems to have a nervous air about him. He quite often 
seems oblivious to all that is around him. This is 
perhaps due to his connection to Frith and El-ahrairah.
He sometimes sees visions of the future.This fact is first 
met with suspision from his companions,and later,complete 
trust. The party then consider him a valuable resource.

  Dandelion -   The quickest
rabbit of the bunch,Dandelion has proved useful in several 
situations,such as during the Efrafan seige. It is also he 
who raises his companions' spirits by telling them stories 
of El-ahrairah.

  Pipkin -   A small rabbit ; a
friend of Fiver. He is extremely loyal to Hazel and the 

  Buckthorn -   A large younger  rabbit. He contributes 
to a few fights, but has little else 
to offer the group.

  Acorn -   An "Outskirter" 
who has yet to earn respect in the warren. 

  Hawkbit -   Another 
outskirter,with whom Hazel recalls spending his first
winter. Hawkbit isn't especially loyal,either.

  Speedwell -   The final 
"rank-and-file" rabbit in the party from Sandleford. 
He is a minor character.

  Bluebell -   Holly's 
companion after the destruction of Sandleford. He constantly
makes jokes and,due to the fact that he seemingly can't 
stop,has annoyed Hazel and the others at least once.

  Toadflax -   A member
of the Sandleford Owsla,he is a good example of one thing 
that's wrong with the warren. Being a large rabbit,he uses
his authority and stregnth to take advantage of smaller 
rabbits.He doesn't survive the destruction of Sandleford.

   Cowslip's Warren
"The Warren of the Shining Wires"    

  Cowslip -   The first 
rabbit to meet up with Hazel & his refugees. He is described
as being big and sleek. He is also a good speaker,who 
convinces them to come to his warren. Despite his 
size,he is a poor fighter,as is later noted.

  Silverweed -   A poet of 
the warren. He too is described as being big and healthy. 
His spiritual links are not to lapine mythology,as is 
Fiver's,but to the thread of mortality. He tells 
stories of the warren's and his existence,rather 
than the traditional lapine stories.

  Strawberry -   A rabbit 
who Hazel meets while staying in the warren. When Hazel & 
his friends leave,Strawberry goes with them. Although he is
not instantly accepted,he does his best to prove his worth.
He proves to be a great resource of warren digging 

  Nildro-Hain -   Strawberry's doe,
didn't leave the warren with him


  General Woundwort -   The Chief
Rabbit of Efrafa. Woundwort is described as a massive 
creature,almost as large as a hare. Although capable of 
rational planning, Woundwort is an unstable character. He 
tolerates no dissent within his warren and runs a tight
hierarchy of power. He is particularly fearless, having 
fought and killed several elil in his time including two 
stoats.He is last seen attacking the dog lead by Dandelion 
to rout the Efrafan seige.

  Captain Campion -   One of the
heads in the owslafa, Campion is a master tracker and 
very capable rabbit. He remains loyal to 
Woundwort, although inretrospect he seems to have some
doubts as to whether Woundwort was correct in his actions 
or not.

  Groundsel -   Another oswlafa
rabbit,noted for being very loyal to Woundwort.

  Vervain -   One of the most
vicious of the owslafa rabbits, Vervain seems to be a sort 
of little Woundwort to those he can get away with. 
However, in classic bully tradition, he is only as powerful
as he is allowed to be, and after Woundwort disappears, he 
eventually disappears himself; assumably taken by elil 
on the return trip to Efrafa.

  Blackavar -   A sympathizer to
the does in Efrafa, Blackavar is mauled for his lack of 
loyalty and an attempt to escape. He is rescued from 
the warren during Bigwig's raid and proves himself capable 
later after the shock of his mistreatment wears off.

  Hyzenthlay -   One of the does in
Efrafa, Hyzenthlay helps Bigwig plan the escape of the
Efrafan does so they may join Watership Down. She is
a smart rabbit and,like Fiver, is prone to visions from 

  Thethuthinnang -   Another doe
defector, Thethuthinnang helps plan the doe escape and is
one of the more sharp witted Efrafan does.


  Kehaar -   No rabbit at all,
Kehaar is an injured black-headed gull found by Bigwig and 
Silver outside of the down. Nursed back to health by 
the rabbits of the warren, he does them several 
favors including reconnisance and eventually acting as 
a diversion during the raid upon Efrafa.

  Clover -   One of the does
rescued from Nuthanger Farm by Hazel and his 
companions, Clover is the best adapted of the 
Nuthanger rabbits.Raised in a hutch and domesticated, she
manages to take to living in the wild with minimal effort.

  Boxwood -   The other Nuthanger
doe, Boxwood is rarely mentioned afterwards and does 
not take to warren life nearly as easily as Clover.

  Haystack -   A buck rescued from
Nuthanger, Haystack is a minimal character.

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